What's Your Plan?

You may be thinking, “it’s September, why should I start planning now rather than waiting for the new year?” Let Local Fare Marketing Group help you finish 2022 strong and get a jump on your 2023 marketing plan.

Did you know that 4th quarter spending has more than doubled over the last decade? With an audience primed to spend and 9 months' worth of data to mine, it’s the perfect time to create a targeted marketing push.

The 4th Quarter is a time to examine what’s been working throughout the year and retool your marketing plan accordingly. Are you sure you’re getting the most out of the customers generating the most revenue? Are your most popular products at the forefront? Is your advertising effective?

Let Local Fare Marketing Group’s expert team help you make the most of the 4th quarter!

At Local Fare Marketing Group, we believe a strong marketing strategy includes a healthy balance of social, digital, and traditional media.

Traditional Media: Local Fare Magazine reaches 70,000 homes a month, covering the most coveted markets in Chattanooga. The magazine uses a mix of advertorials, local interest articles, and professionally designed advertisements, setting itself apart from “junk” coupon mailers.

The magazine is mailed with the Wrap, an oversized cover with specialized themes and listings in an eye-grabbing layout. Through the end of the year, the Wrap will feature the theme “Where locals Eat, Shop and Play,” changing in January to “Where Health Matters.”

Along with the Wrap, Local Fare Magazine also includes postcards for businesses looking for a more individualized marketing approach. Clients are able to select specific neighborhoods to target, allowing them to focus on the most desirable customers, making our postcards an easy and affordable direct-mail option. To do it on your own, postcard postage is currently $0.44 per postcard, not including the cost to print. Our program includes design and ranges from $0.27 - $0.32 total!

Digital & Social Media: Local Fare Marketing Group has everything you need to create an effective digital campaign, including Google ads, programmatic display ads, social media marketing, website development, professional photography, and graphic design. We specialize in creating beautiful, eye-catching ads and putting them in front of the ideal customer.

Our marketing team uses a combination of geo-fencing, keyword retargeting, ad design, and more to create an ideal programmatic ad campaign. Through this combination of tactics, the client can see real-time results and adjust their campaign to maximize its reach.

If you are interested in getting a plan of action to finish the year strong for 2022 and to look into your future - schedule a consultation today!

25 Ways to Find Your Next Hobby

Feature image courtesy of Metal Makers

Looking for ways to get creative, get active, or just plain get out of your house? A new hobby is a great way to start. Let us direct you to your next obsession with our list of 25 ways to find your next hobby.  

A novel idea- Connect with book lovers at The Book and Cover, hosting monthly book clubs for every genre in a space designed to snuggle up with a good book. 

Start two-stepping- Throw on your boots, and get ready to scoot at The 107. Every Friday is Country Night with line dancing classes, live music, and drink specials. 

Go all in- Every night of the week the No Limit Pub Poker Tour plays free games around town with no drink minimums or cover charges. 

Stretch and breathe- Start the search for inner calm with a free yoga class with La Luna Alchemy Yoga at River Market

Keep on rolling- Join an adults-only late skate party with Moonlight Rollers.  

Get outdoorsy- Beginner and family-friendly classes by Outdoor Chattanooga activities include biking, kayaking, skateboarding, and hiking.

Photos Courtesy of Metal Makers, The Book & Cover, and The Chattanooga Public Library

Strike a chord- Grab an instrument from the Chattanooga Public Library Noise Closet and start shredding. Guitars, keyboards, bass, and electric drums are available to borrow. 

Birds of a feather club together- The Chattanooga Birding Club provides an interactive map of bird sightings, ways to support conservation efforts, and monthly meetings to connect with fellow birders. 

Put those useless facts to work- Experts in sports, pop culture, history and random factoids can flex their skills at a local live trivia game.

Step back in time- Chattanooga Vintage Dancers fully immerse in dance styles ranging from waltz to swing with dance classes, costuming, and social events.

Open up- Learn how to structure and share your personal experiences with StoryCorps whose mission is to preserve stories, start conversations, and bring communities together. 

Let the sparks fly- Learn the art of welding and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art at Metal Makers

 Photos Courtesy of Joli Jardin and Crabtree Farms

Pick a team- Whether you’re a pro or a newbie Chattanooga Sports League has a team for you. Sports include pickle ball, basketball, ultimate frisbee and so much more. 

Spin a yarn- The Chattanooga Yarncrafters are a crafting group offering classes and meet-ups for every skill level.
Get your kicks- Learn self defense, get a good workout, and relieve stress at Premier Martial Arts. 

Don’t get it twisted- Explore the circus arts in silks, acrobatic arts, and Cyr wheel at Chattanooga Ariels.

Written in the stars- Want to learn more about the cosmos? The Barnard Astronomical Society hosts monthly star parties at Cloudland canyon. 

Capture the moment- Join professional photographer Nicole Manning of Show me a Smile Photography to learn camera basics, composition, and how to capture natural light. 

X marks the spot- Go hiking to hunt for geocaches and leave treasures for others to discover. 

Photos Courtesy of Crabtree Farms, Chattanooga School of Language, and Chattanooga Vintage Dancers

Whip it real good- Brush up on cooking skills, or try a whole new culinary experience in The Sweet & Savory Classroom

Drop a verse- For more than 20 years Rhyme N Chatt has provided writing workshops, open mic nights, and a safe space to share poetry. 

Can you dig it?- Flex that green thumb! Learn how to identify and prepare edible herbs and flowers, care for pollinators, and so much more at Crabtree Farms

Get dramatic- Take acting classes or audition for a local theater production at Chattanooga Theatre Centre

Arrange something beautiful- Learn how to create beautiful fresh flower bouquets at ​​Joli Jardin Flower Shop

Change the conversation- Take a class or join a free immersive language social to practice judgment-free with native speakers and other newbies at the Chattanooga School of Language

Custom vs. Stock Photography: The Impact of Authenticity

Photography is an important tool for small businesses. Using custom photos communicates professionalism, while creating a personal connection to the customer. Here are a few ways custom photography uses real people and real products to make a real impact. 

Real People: The Battle of Stock vs Custom

When comparing the use of stock photos vs using real people, a study found potential customers were 35% more likely to respond to advertisements using custom photography. While the stock photos might feel more cost-effective, they can come across as cheap and fake. You also run the risk of using the same images as other companies. Custom photography uses real people to create a sense of authenticity, building a connection with potential customers. Making your face and personal story part of your branding gives them another reason to choose you over the competition. 

Real Products Create Real Demand

For retailers, professional photography is essential. Nearly 75% of shoppers surveyed said they make decisions on what to purchase based on product photos. Providing beautiful product advertising serves the dual purpose of showing off your stock, and sparking a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out). Highlight the best of your inventory, give customers ideas of how to style, and tap into that insatiable “oooh, I need that” feeling. 

The Real Impact of Custom Photography

In selecting which product to purchase 67% of consumers rated the quality of a product image as very important. Consumers are significantly more likely to engage with advertisements featuring high-quality custom photography than those with just text. Custom photography is an opportunity to share what sets you apart from your competitors, to demonstrate your professionalism, and share your vision.

Let Local Fare help you create custom photography that makes an impact through advertising campaigns and giving new life to your website

Content is King- How Quality Content Raises your Status

In a recent survey of Millennials, 62% of respondents said they had visited a store in the past month based on information received in the mail and 75% of respondents said receiving personal mail made them feel special. Local Fare Magazine is your direct line to 70,000 households in the Chattanooga area, providing specialized content, designed to elevate your brand and capture the interest of potential customers. 


An advertorial is content specially designed to look and read like an article but is actually a paid advertisement. Advertorials may include content connected to your brand, a breakdown of special services, or tips and tricks from your specialized field. When advertorials are well done, they show off a company’s expertise, providing content customers find compelling.

Business Spotlights 

Business spotlights are designed to introduce who you are and what you do, without any direct sales pitch. Spotlights allow potential customers to get to know your small business, by building  rapport, brand awareness, and trust. Ideally business spotlights will create an emotional connection by sharing personal stories customers will find moving and memorable. 


A recent study found that nearly 79% of consumers trust the reviews they read as much as personal recommendations. Local Fare Magazine testimonials allow potential customers to hear from your satisfied customers about their experience. Providing their recommendations is a powerful tool to build trust with potential customers.

Local Interest

Local Interest content allows Local Fare Magazine to stay relevant in our community. Our In The Loop monthly calendar and Best of the Best lists give our customers a reason to save and refer back to the magazine and its advertisements more frequently. 

Interested in learning more about how print advertising can work for you?  Local Fare has been delivered into the mailboxes of 70,000+ homes per month for over a decade. Let us create compelling content, with custom photography, and graphic design unique to your business needs.

Direct Mail that Delivers

A staple in the advertising industry for nearly 20 years, Local Fare has earned the trust of its community, evolved to stay relevant in an ever-changing market, and elevated the brands of over 1,000 local small businesses. Here’s how we can put our experience in direct mail to work for you. 

Experience and Dedication

Founded in 2003 as Coupon Carrier, a direct mail envelope of coupons, Joann and Juan Bustamante built their small business one client at a time. Their dedication to growth produced a roster of loyal clients, while their local expertise curated a quality mailing list of 70,000 homes designed to match those clients desired demographics. 

Flexibility to an Ever Changing Market

During the 2008 recession, the Bustamantes reevaluated their business strategy as a direct mail advertising company. They dreamed of creating a local magazine that doesn’t feel like junk mail. They rebranded and relaunched as Local Fare Magazine, a community magazine promoting local happenings with professional photography, interesting content, seasonal recipes, and advertising from local small businesses. Local Fare’s willingness to change course to meet their customer’s needs has led to the innovation of the wrap and stand-alone postcards in 2021. Local Fare continues to grow by considering the client's needs, paying attention to the customer's interests, and creating the highest quality product to satisfy both. 

Trust / Elevate Brands 

Local Fare Magazine receives is that our publication doesn’t feel like other “junk mail” style mailers. With quality content, professional photography, and cutting-edge graphic design, Local Fare Magazine elevates your brand messaging. 

Interested in learning more about how print advertising can work for you? Local Fare has been delivered into the mailboxes of 70,000+ homes per month for over a decade. Let us create compelling content, with custom photography, and graphic design unique to your business needs. 

Put Print Media to Work for You

Local Fare believes the key to a successful marketing strategy is a mix of digital, social, and print media. While you may be tempted to forgo print media, believing the “print is a dying medium” hype, research shows consumers still find print media to be more memorable, trustworthy, and engaging than digital media. Here are 3 reasons print media is still making a big impact. 

Print Ads Stick

Studies have shown that potential customers can recall up to 65% of the visual content they encounter three days later. So what makes print ads more memorable than digital? According to Scientific American “Compared with paper, screens may also drain more of our mental resources while we are reading and make it a little harder to remember what we read when we are done.” Digital ads fight for attention and require dozens of views to retain the advertiser's message. While digital ads can feel like a distraction, with print media consumers are choosing to engage. 

Print Ads will reach the customer you didn’t consider 

In a world of highly curated content pinpointing the exact right consumer, print advertising is reaching the potential customer you haven’t considered. With more households becoming multi-generational, sending a single publication to a home may be reaching across several age ranges. And though print media is most often associated with the Boomer generation, there is a resurgence of consuming print media among millennials who make up nearly 50% of the workforce and hold a lot of spending power.  

Consumers trust Print Media

Consumers trust print ads when purchasing more than any other form of advertising. 

While online, potential customers have learned to ignore, avoid, and outright block digital advertising. With print media, the consumer feels more in control of their experience, safe from potential scams and data phishing. Ultimately, customers are more familiar with print media and tend to see print ads as more trustworthy.

Interested in learning more about how print advertising can work for you? Local Fare has been delivered into the mailboxes of 70,000+ homes per month for over a decade. Let us create compelling content, with custom photography, and graphic design unique to your business needs. 

25 Chattanooga Dates to Remember

Banner Photo courtesy of ChattaBrew Tours by Tausha Dickinson

Are you stuck in a date night rut? It can be hard to break the Netflix and take-out habit, but new shared experiences are essential to keeping a relationship thriving. Let Local Fare do the heavy lifting of planning your next romantic outing with this list of 25 Unforgettable Dates! 

Photo courtesy of Rock City

  • Lover’s Leap Rock City- Take a romantic stroll through Rock City to lovers leap, where two star crossed lovers met their fate. 
  • Classic Arcade Pinball Museum- Leave the quarters at home, get a pass at the Classic Arcade Pinball Museum and play the day away. Wanna make it interesting? High score gets the next round!
  • Southside Social- Release your competitive spirit at Southside Social with bowling, darts, lawn games, giant jenga and more.
  • Ruby Falls Zip-Line- Feel the rush of adrenaline as you zip-line at Ruby Falls, surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains. 
  • The Lookouts- Root root root for the home team! Lookouts games are always fun, especially on promotional nights like drink discounts on Thursdays, fireworks on Fridays and the wildly popular used car giveaway!
  • Pedego Tours- Take a self guided tour of the city on an electric bike from Pedego Tours. Explore downtown and cruise the riverfront without getting winded on the hills. 

Photo courtesy of Chattanooga Vintage Dancers, Lookout Mountain Park by Audray Luck, and Pinspiration

  • Lookout Mountain Flight Park- Pack a picnic lunch and watch Hang Gliders launch from Lookout Mountain Flight Park. Feeling extra brave? Take a tandem trip and get a birds eye view of Chattanooga.
  • Unknown Caller-  Wet your whistle at Unknown Caller, a speakeasy bar with a secret entrance. Just look for the redlight on Cherry Street, and figure out the password. 
  • Chatt Taste Food Tour- Sick of arguing about where to go for dinner? Take a Chattanooga food tour, featuring restaurants in downtown, southside, or MLK. 
  • Chattanooga Red Wolves Soccer Club- Get caught up in the action of professional Soccer! Check the schedule for specials like $2 beer night. 
  • Chattanooga Vintage Dancers- Get out together and dance cheek to cheek at a Chattanooga Vintage Dancers class, featuring classes on waltz and swing and every era in between. 
  • Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery- Take a tour of the Chattanooga Whiskey distillery, sample a flight, pick a favorite, and buy a bottle to try your own concoctions.

Photos courtesy of Nightfall, The Lookouts by Hannah Grigsby, and Ruby Falls Zip Line

  • The Tivoli Theater- Whether you enjoy live music, comedians, or touring broadway shows, you can find tickets for whatever you’re into at the Tivoli Theater.
  • The Chattery- Learn a new skill together at the Chattery. Take a class on home bartending, soap making, gardening, photography and more!
  • Comedy Catch- Nothing better than getting belly laughs together. Pick shows from touring comedians, local favorites, and Improv Chattanooga.  thecomedycatch.com
  • Nooga Splash- The couple that plays together stays together. Explore the inflatable obstacle course in Chester Frost Park. 
  • Lover’s Leap Rock City- Take a romantic stroll through Rock City to lovers leap, where two star crossed lovers met their fate.
  • Show me a Smile- Move beyond the simple selfie. Capture your love with a professional photo shoot.

Photos courtesy of Show Me a Smile Photography, Unknown Caller Bar by Kelsey Hassell, and The Chattery

  • Hike to Craven House from Sunset Rock- Take a three mile hike together to one of Chattanooga’s best lookouts. 
  • Splatter room at Pinspiration - Get some of that pent up tension out by throwing in your partner’s face and simultaneously creating a one of a kind piece of art.
  • Chattanooga Market- Spend Sunday morning perusing stalls with local produce and handmade goods, grab lunch from one of the dozen food trucks, and enjoy live music. 
  • Nightfall- Head to Miller Plaza, grab a slice from Community Pie and enjoy a free concert at Nightfall by local musicians. 
  • L2 Outside- Rent a Kayak or Paddleboard from L2 Outside and take a sunset cruise along the Tennessee River. 
  • The Wilderness Theater Watch a movie under the stars at The Wilderness Theater drive-in. Bring a football or frisbee to toss while you wait for the sun to set, fill up on snacks from the concession stand, and snuggle up for a one of a kind movie watching experience.
  • ChattaBrew Tour- Take a 4 hour walking tour of local breweries, sample their goods, and meet the brewmasters behind Chattanooga’s most popular local labels.  
  • The Bluff View Art District- Take a self guided tour of the Bluff View Art District. Start at the Hunter Museum of American Arts. Grab dinner at Tony’s Pasta Shop & Trattoria. If you managed to save room for dessert, head next door to Rembrandt’s Coffee House. End the evening with a stroll through the free outdoor River Gallery Sculpture Garden.

Make an Impression with Programmatic Display

When it comes to creating a marketing plan, Local Fare takes a three pronged approach combining traditional media, social media, and digital media. But how do you determine how much of your digital marketing budget to spend on Programmatic Digital Display Ads? Well that depends on how much of an impact you want to make on the market. 

Create a Digital Presence

Get your brand out there with an entry level rate of 50,000 impressions per month. For those new to the world of Programmatic Display, starting small is a great way to familiarize yourself with key tactics including Geofencing and Website Retargeting.

To create a digital presence we recommend: 

  • 30,000 impressions for Geofencing
  • 18,500 impressions for Keyword Retargeting
  • 1,500 impressions for Website Retargeting

Get Competitive 

How much of the market share do you have? Get the competitive edge by putting your ads in more places and in front of more faces. A budget of 100,000-150,00 impressions per month opens up new tactics, including Event Targeting and Audience Curation. Audience curation allows you to create just the right audience based on interest, demographics and purchasing behaviors, showing ads 3 times a day across multiple devices.

To get competitive we recommend: 

  • 30,000 impressions for Geofencing
  • 30,000 impressions for Keyword Retargeting
  • 30,000 impressions for Audience Curation
  • 5,000 impressions for Website Retargeting
  • 5,000 impressions for Event Targeting 

Dominate the Field

Leave the competition behind! Saturate the market with 150,00-300,000 impressions per month. This tactic allows you to Geofence multiple large events each month, as well locations with more foot traffic without eating up all your impressions. Expand Audience Curation to show ads up to 3 times a day per household. Consider this, the national clickthrough rate is .08%-0.12%, our clients typically range from 0.15%-0.28%. Based on 200,000 impressions you can expect to have 300-560 new sales opportunities per month. What could you do with that many new sales opportunities a month? 

Is it time to Increase your Digital Budget?

In digital marketing repetition is key. Consider one of the oldest sales principles: “the rule of 7.” A consumer will need to see an advertisement a minimum of 7 times in an 18-month period before it will  pierce a buyer’s consciousness and make an impact. Limiting your impressions will only bring limited results. 

Let Local Fare help you make an impression with Programmatic Display today! 

25 Most Instagrammable Spots in Chattanooga

With a nickname like The Scenic City, it’s no surprise that Chattanooga is the perfect backdrop for your carefully curated Instagram. Natural wonders, vibrant art installations, murals in every color pallet, interesting architecture and beautifully designed interiors are around every corner. Here are a few of our favorites. 

One of a kind Backdrops

Photo by Nicole Blanchard of Show Me A Smile Photography

  • Coolidge Park- 150 River St. Splash in fountains, stroll along the river, ride the carousel, pose with a rhino. 150 River St.
  • Umbrella Alley- A whimsical art installation in West Village, uses umbrellas for a pop of color. West Village 298-200 W Block of 8th St. 
  • Bluff View Art District- Charming cafes and cobblestone streets bring a touch of European flair to the heart of downtown. 411 E 2nd St. 
  • High Point Climbing Gym- Find someone to belay and don’t delay! Scale the outside of High Point Climbing Gym for a one of a 180 view of downtown. 219 Broad St.
  • Flying Donut Mural- It's a bird, it's a plane…. It's flying donuts! 1900 Broad Street
  • Polka Dot Wall- Pastel polka dots make for a sweet and simple backdrop. 1400 Williams Street Block
  • Cooper’s Alley- The urban art installation snakes through the alleyway creating a fun, funky, neon pallet.10 East 7th St. 
  • Outdoor Art- Modern, historical, surrealist, large, small, Chattanooga’s outdoor art collection has it all. 
  • Tennessee Aquarium-The perfect balance of natural beauty and interesting architecture design. 1 Broad St.

Natural Wonders

Photo by Nicole Blanchard of Show Me A Smile Photography

  • Lula Lake Falls- Pack a picnic lunch and take the Classic Loop hike to Lula Lake Falls. 5000 Lula Lake Rd., Lookout Mountain, GA
  • North Chickamauga Blue Hole- Plunge into the crystal blue pool from a beautifully cascading waterfall. Montlake Rd., Soddy Daisy, TN
  • Rock City Gardens- Where else can you take a selfie in 7 states at once? 1400 Patten Rd., Lookout Mountain, GA
  • Point Park- Pose with cannons while you explore the trails to the “Battle Above the Clouds.” 110 Point Park Rd., Lookout Mountain, TN
  • Rent a Kayak from L2- Paddle under the downtown bridges for an up close look at moss covered cliff walls and Audubon Island wildlife. 131 River St.
  • Reflection Riding Arboretum- Hike trails, forge streams, explore a treehouse, capture wildlife, and get a selfie in the bamboo forest. 400 Garden Rd.
  • Racoon Mountain Caverns- Take an otherworldly hike through the Crystal Palace, or if you’re feeling brave take a sunset kayak tour of the bat caves. 319 W Hills Dr.
  • Snooper’s Rock- Take the five minute walk from the parking lot for unparalleled views of Horseshoe Bend. Reserve Rd.

Sensational Selfies

Photo by Nicole Blanchard of Show Me A Smile Photography


  • Walnut Street Bridge- Chattanooga’s most recognizable landmark is great from every angle, whether you’re on it, under it, or looking over it. 1 Walnut St.
  • Chattanooga Choo Choo- Iconic Chattanooga signage, vintage trains, even the bathroom is beautiful! 1400 Market St.
  • Selfie Museum- A whole host of curated scenes to create a picture perfect selfie. 735 Broad St. Ste. 104
  • The Hunter Museum of American Art- An amazing lookout over the river and Walnut Street Bridge outside, stunning pieces of American art inside. 10 Bluff View Ave.
  • Sleepyhead Coffee- Release your inner goddess in the indoor plant paradise. 735 Broad St. Ste. 104  
  • The Dwell Hotel- Step into a Midcentury fever dream with bold wallpaper, gorgeous furniture, and beautifully crafted cocktails. 120 E 10th St.
  • Whistle Stop Cafe- The milkshake is elevated to a delicious work of art. 5503 Main St. Ooltewah, TN 
  • Market South Wings Mural- We don’t care if it’s basic, wings are cute! Strike a pose and caption it with your most inspirational quote. 1400 Market St.

Copywriting: The 5 W's of Creating Engaging Content

Did you know that 55% of potential customers will only spend 15 seconds on your website. How do you make the most of a first impression? Our copywriter Lexi Engesath will walk you through the 5 W’s of creating engaging content to translate those 15 seconds into a customer. 

Who are you?

“Create a narrative for your company. Who are you? What problems of mine are you going to solve?” Keep that message short and direct. Imagine explaining your organization to a good friend. Strike a balance between using the language of your industry and making content clear to any layperson who lands on your website. “Use a genial tone, share the most important details of your organization, establish your expertise and include a hook.”  

What is the hook? 

A hook is a call to action, it answers the question of what  you want a potential customer to do next. “When posting content, engagement should be the priority. How is this going to draw people in? What are we asking them to do? Does this start a conversation?” Ask customers to subscribe, give a review, take a poll, answer a question. Another way to engage is to offer your expertise and advice tips that are unique to your business. Look at content as creating a conversation with customers, rather than shouting over the competition. 

When to post? 

While there is no perfect number for any company, regularly posting is important. “Creating social media posts once or twice a week, responding to reviews, promoting sales, highlighting products, and non-salesy posts for holidays or community happenings will show customers you are active, invested, and interesting.” As always, content is king. The more you post, the more content Google can comb, the higher you’ll move up in Google rankings. 

Where is your content? 

The simple answer is, everywhere. Three places you don’t want to neglect are your website, your social media accounts, and anywhere reviews exist.” We already discussed the importance of responding to Google my Business Reviews but this is by no means the only site where customers are leaving reviews. Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Better Business Bureau, and so many more. Respond to reviews, thank customers for their engagement, and be sure the tone of these responses are professional and kind. “Keep in mind keywords are pertinent for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Posts should include relevant content, popular keywords, and links to prove credibility to Google.” 

Why bother? 

It can seem like an overwhelming task, but online engagement and SEO are how customers find you. “Google is combing everything you post to figure out who you are to guide potential customers to you. If you want to rise to the top of the ranks, content shows credibility to Google. It’s a delicate balance to add keywords to satisfy Google, without alienating your reader with boring content.” 

How can we help? 

Does this all seem overwhelming? Let our team walk you through how to hone your voice, create engaging content, revamp your website, amp up your content for SEO, and help you make those 15 seconds count!

How to Get, Improve, and Respond to Online Reviews

You’ve updated your Google My Business profile, now it’s time to move to the top of the listings. Our SEO expert Libby Adams explains how to use Reputation Management to improve your company’s Google ranking. 

Getting Reviews Gets you Customers

Before the internet, businesses depended on word of mouth to build community trust. These days 65% of consumers are reading Google reviews to help them decide whose services to enlist. So how do you get those reviews? 

“It might sound simple, but the best way [to get reviews] is to ask.” A text message with a direct link to your google listing, a QR code at the register or on receipts, or including a link with an invoice will greatly increase your chances of getting a response. Also, timing is key. “Customers are more likely to give a review if you ask on the same day as their service.” If you want to tip the odds in your favor, try offering a discount code or adding their name to a raffle of prizes. When they leave a review, remember to thank customers with a brief, but personal response. 

Deal with Negative Reviews Professionally and Proactively

In a recent study 70% of customers reported that the way a business responds to reviews has influenced their perception of that company. That includes managing negative reviews. “The best way to deal with a negative review is to reply.” Start by asking the reviewer to take the conversation offline, providing a phone number or email where they can contact you directly. “If you’re able to resolve their issue, ask if they will [update or change their original review.]” If you can’t resolve the issue to their satisfaction, potential customers will see the lengths you will go to provide top notch service.

Start Moving up the Google Listings

When creating their rankings, Google trusts your customers' reviews much more than your carefully curated profile. The more reviews and responses you create, the higher Google will push your listing. And since the algorithm is king, keywords in the reviews will help Google better understand the services you provide, and more accurately direct potential customers your direction. 

Of course Google Reviews are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online reputation management. Let our SEO expert Libby Adams help you put your best foot forward and help improve your online reputation. Learn more about how we can help!


Are you Getting the Most out of Google My Business?

More than 80% of customers looking for information about your business will start with Google. Whether you want to interact with customers directly, promote special services and sales, or simply rise to the top of the Google Search List, using the free Google My Business tool is a great place to start. Here are some tips from our SEO expert Libby Adams

Take ownership of your online identity

Use Google Maps to locate your company, and click on the “own this business” link. As Libby explains, “One of the [biggest mistakes companies make] is leaving information blank.” Include your address, website, contact information, customer reviews, commonly asked questions, and connection to your social media accounts. Every piece of information you provide will improve your overall google rating and help you rise to the top of the ranks. 

Regularly update your Google My Business Profile

Remember, content is king in google rankings. “Going [jnto your account] once a week and putting up new posts or new pictures and getting at least one review a week [will improve your] overall rank.” The more information the better. Let social media pull double duty, by including posts from facebook and instagram, updating frequently. Put your most professional foot forward by using high quality photographs. “Photos of the products you offer, [should be] updated on a regular basis. For service based businesses, anytime you do work for a client showcase that work [in a photo gallery].”

Increase credibility with reviews 

Positive reviews and good communication will make your company stand out when stacked against local competitors. “The more reviews a business has, the better. They are seen as more trustworthy. You don’t want to go to a plumber who has 10 terrible reviews, because you’re probably not going to get your problem solved.” Google reviews are crucial to a small business, and require a lot more information than we can cram into this small paragraph. The next newsletter will be a deep dive on reputation management, and best practices for getting regular reviews. 

How can we help? 

Let our SEO expert Libby Adams do the heavy lifting. Libby uses her expertise in building online profiles to create a strategy as unique as your small business. “Filling out the Google My Business [account] is fairly simple for most clients to be able to do. But continuing to add information can be somewhat time consuming to a business owner. [We provide] what’s called citation building. Where you put your business information on other websites that google crawls. When google sees your business listed on other websites…it increases [your visibility].” By increasing your visibility Google will see you as an expert in your field, and push you to the top of the listings.

Marketing to Your 3 Client Bases

Some business owners make the mistake of focusing their attention only on prospecting for new customers. While prospecting for new clients is important, it’s not the only way for your company to get business. In fact, some argue it might not even be the best way for you to get and maintain business.

Read on to learn about your three client bases and how to make them work for you:

1. Nurture Past Clients

Let’s start by taking the words “past client” out of your vocabulary! If you treat previous clients like they’re never coming back for your services, that’s exactly what will happen. But if you shift this thinking and begin nurturing those contacts as if they’re your current clients again? Revolutionary. Regardless of whether a past client will ever need your service or product again, the odds are very good they know someone else who will. If you did your job right and provided them with quality product/services, they can be an incredible referral source to give you business in the future. Some effective ways to market to this client base is to reach out with personalized touches through email campaigns, birthday/anniversary cards or client appreciation events.

2. Retain Current Clients

Your current client base can also be an invaluable source of business for you! Much like your past clients, satisfied current clients are a quality link to new people. And often the leads you receive through a referral from a past or current client are stronger than new leads because there’s already an established trust. So, what’s the best way to market to your current clients to encourage customer attention, loyalty and those amazing referrals? One way to do this is to maintain a solid social media presence where you interact with clients regularly! Social media is a great way to meet clients where they are and give them those personalized, low-pressure interactions you need to keep them engaged. Post consistent content that shows your business is an expert in your field, and hit the reply button on comments from clients — it’s that simple. Another great customer marketing tactic is to share customer success stories and quality reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask happy customers to share their stories. More than likely, they’ll be happy to share, and these stories are a powerhouse for your marketing strategy!

3. Acquire New Clients

There are several different options for marketing to client prospects, but here are a few that we’ve found to be the most effective:

Programmatic Display Ads - These targeted digital ads are displayed to a specific type of customer in a specific context or location. You can decide on your ideal client, and these ads will be delivered to them through apps and websites, such as when they’re checking the weather or scrolling through a news article.

Traditional Media Ads - Traditional media continues to be the giant of the marketing world — sending more potential clients to your website and digital/social presence than any other method! It’s essential for a business to have a direct mail presence to compete in today’s market and reach new customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - If a new client searches for your products or services on Google or another search engine, where are you showing up in the rankings? If you’re too low on the list, your business is likely to be missed. SEO improves online visibility to attract new customers to your website.

How are you marketing to your three client groups? Is there room for improvement? We hope this gives you some food for thought as you continue building and adjusting your marketing strategies for 2022!

Postcards, Simplified!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — traditional media is the dominating force in the marketing world. And one rock star of the traditional media world is postcards! Sending a postcard inside or alongside Local Fare Magazine is an incredible (and affordable!) way to reach your ideal client and create brand awareness.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your ideal mailing area

Decide which area you’d like to target most: Zone A, Zone B or both!

Zone A includes 35,000 households in:

  • North Chattanooga
  • Signal Mountain
  • Lookout Mountain TN/GA
  • Elder Mountain
  • Black Creek
  • St. Elmo
  • Southside
  • Hixson
  • Soddy Daisy
  • Missionary Ridge

Zone B includes 35,000 households in:

  • Ooltewah
  • Collegedale
  • Harrison
  • HWY 58
  • McDonald
  • Apison
  • Council Fire
  • Windstone Neighborhood in Georgia
  • East Brainerd

2. Choose Postcard Size and Placement

We offer two postcard mailing options that are delivered with Local Fare Magazine and the wrap.

1. DAL Card — DAL stands for Detached Address Label postcard. This allows for the postcard to be mailed outside of the wrap. This full color glossy card stock option is the stand out choice.
Cost: 10,000 minimum mailing, 9'X6," $0.29 cents each
20,000 mailing, 9"X6," $0.25 cents each

2. Insert Postcard — This type of postcard mails inside Local Fare Magazine.
Cost: 10,000 minimum mailing, 9'X6," $0.23 cents each
20,000 mailing, 9"X6,” $0.18 cents each

With this co-op mailing opportunity with Local Fare, the postage and printing costs to send a postcard are significantly lower than what you would spend to send it yourself alone!

3. We Design and Mail

Work with our talented team of marketing professionals to create your dream postcard! You can have as little or as much involvement in the process as you want, but either way we’ll be there to help from concept to copywriting to design. Once it’s finished, we’ll mail for you — all you have to do is sit back and enjoy as brand awareness for your business grows!

The Marketing Triangle: Small Business Advertising That WORKS

When we talk to local businesses about their advertising strategies, more often than not we hear the same answer — Facebook boosted posts.

What many people don’t know is that with the new restrictions on Facebook and collecting user data, it is almost impossible for a small business owner to target their ideal customer through boosted posts. In addition, almost every business now is on Facebook, so that marketing strategy alone isn’t enough to make your business stand out from the crowd!

In order to be a real competitor in today’s market, your business needs to reach your ideal audience through more than one medium. And if you want to not only be competitive but to dominate the competition, we recommend utilizing our three-pronged approach through The Marketing Triangle.

1. Social Media

Using carefully curated demographic data and working through the backend of Facebook/Instagram to serve social media ads (not ineffective boosted posts!) that pinpointed your target customer

2. Traditional Media

Creating and presenting your print ads in Local Fare Magazine to our deeply loyal direct mail audience of 70,000+ homes to create an awareness for your brand that can only come from this traditional source.

Did you know one of the best drivers for social media search is traditional media? Traditional media is the dominating force in the marketing world — sending more potential clients to your website and digital/social presence than any other method!

3. Digital Media

Leaving your digital footprint through targeted programmatic ads that are sent to a specific type of customer in a specific context or location. This type of marketing leverages the power of the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Is your marketing plan ready for 2022? We can help!

Where…Your Business Gets Noticed.

In August and September, we listened to Chattanoogans who wanted resources for their children after the COVID-slide in Where…Education Matters. Now with the holidays fast approaching, we’re ready to offer the community what they’re looking for this upcoming season!

We’re excited to announce that our theme for the November and December wrap is Where…Locals Shop and Play, and we’ll be highlighting businesses like yours in this valuable resource guide for our community.

The themes for the wrap will continue to change based on the needs in our community, but some of the themes we’re looking at for the future are: Where…Health MattersWhere…Home Matters and more!

Where…Your Success Matters.

Our new wrap product is the only one of its kind in Chattanooga — and that’s not the only way it’s unique. This is Where…:

  • You can get your business out there to 70,000 homes via direct mail in a new, exciting way!
  • You can be seen at the right place at the right time with no long-term agreements
  • You can advertise with like-minded businesses at a fraction of the cost!
  • You can work with a group of creatives who truly care about your success

Space is limited for Where…Locals Shop and Play, so contact us today for more info!

Help Your Business Finish Strong In 2021

We all know how it happens. Spring so quickly turns into summer and then summer into fall — then pretty soon it’s Christmas, and you’re wondering where the year went!

The work you’re doing NOW is going to determine whether or not your business meets your end of year goals or even exceeds them. This is the perfect time to partner with our caring team of experts here at Local Fare to freshen up your marketing strategy with programmatic display.

We have a proven track record of success, and we would love to help you get started!

So, what is programmatic display?

Programmatic marketing is automated bidding on advertising inventory to display a targeted ad to a specific type of customer in a specific context or location. This type of marketing leverages the power of the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

How does it work?

Programmatic marketing retargets likely buyers who have visited your website, searched relevant keywords, read certain articles or content, or went to a specific location.

Our programmatic marketing here at Local Fare uses specific customized tactics to make sure we’re targeting your ideal customer every. single. time.

What are the unique tactics used in programmatic advertising?

Geo-Fencing – Precisely retarget customers at a specific location. This can include businesses near yours, businesses with a similar clientele as yours or even your competition!

Geo-Targeting – Retarget them based on location and demographic data. We have access to data that can help us specifically target your ideal client.

Keyword Retargeting – Retarget them based on keywords they searched. We can create a list of keywords that are relevant to your business, track when people are searching those and retarget them to your website.

Site Retargeting – Retarget them once they have visited your website. Once a potential client has clicked through to your website, we can use their device ID and show your ads to them to remind them to go back to your website and finish their purchase, set their appointment, etc.!

Event Targeting – Geo-Fence at a specific location and time of event. If there is an event where your ideal customer will be, we can draw a circle around that event and show your ads directly to those potential customers there.

Conversion Zone – Track those who saw your ad and walked through your door. We can actually track who saw your ads and where, and also if they came to your location!

Audience Curation - Curate the perfect audience for your campaigns. We can send your ads to users and devices at the household level and push those ads three times a day to make sure your ideal client receives your messaging.

Why is it better than other digital advertising methods?

Unlike the small business owner’s average boosted Facebook post, the technological capabilities behind programmatic marketing are unmatched.

We can target your ideal consumer by showing them your ads on various apps and websites depending on their interests. For example, we can serve ads while they are checking the weather, keeping up with the latest news or reading about their favorite teams.

Not only that, but as your full-service marketing team, Local Fare can help create a series of eye-catching ads for you that are built and optimized specifically for each platform (web, phone, iPad, etc.).