About Us

Our love for all things local is the essence of who we are and what we do.

It all began in 2003 when we set out to deliver envelopes full of coupons for local Chattanooga businesses under the name Coupon Carrier. We dreamed of evolving into a product that truly highlights the local companies we’ve grown to love by providing content and educating consumers about their community. That dream became reality when Local Fare Magazine was established in 2010.

Today, we help business owners tactically navigate the local market by following market trends, capitalizing on seasonal relevancy, and developing strategic plans that flow from print, to direct mail, to digital communications. Specializing in small business promotion, we create impressive designs, content and products based on the client’s unique marketing strategy. We value integrity and exceptional communication skills to amplify the voice of our clients and bring their visions to fruition. The results connect our readers to opportunities that build their relationships with our clients and help small businesses thrive.

Joann Bustamante

17-year transplant to Chattanooga and mother of two children, Amelia and Deacon. I strive to put out the best product possible and continue to evolve with trends. Innovate, sell and market are the names of the game for my business as well as for our business partners. I am an entrepreneur, mother and expert multitasker.

Juan Bustamante
VP of Sales &
Creative Director

Some of my biggest accomplishments include being happily married and raising two amazing kids, coaching youth athletics and helping entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams. Personally and professionally I strive to constantly adapt and expand, playing on the court rather than watching from the stands.

Susan Seibert
Graphic Designer

Being a creative at heart, I enjoy designing ads and marketing materials to give clients that extra boost, helping them grow and achieve their goals. Whatever it is that you visualize, I make it happen. I have a love for the great outdoors and photography – and I’ll never turn down delectable blueberries or tomatoes from the garden!

Libby Adams

I have always had a passion for small businesses and want them to succeed. I have been working with small businesses for more than 5 years to help grow their online presence. I’m focused on bringing success to other companies and organizations to help them reach their potential with the help of digital marketing. I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring news places. I hope to take my family to see all 50 states!

Nicole Blanchard

I am a mom to four great kiddos and a photographer of all things beautiful. I love strong coffee, dark chocolate, and amazing photos. I have been working with Local Fare for over four years and have loved every minute of it.

Danielle Threlkeld
Digital Services

Danielle works behind the scenes to ensure advertising campaigns meet our clients’ marketing objectives by managing day-to-day operations and processes involved in the launch, maintenance and delivery. She stays busy as a bee measuring and tracking data to optimize campaign effectiveness. And she’s a keeper—as in, an actual beekeeper! It’s a hobby Danielle and her husband fell in love with a few years ago. Danielle is excited to help you create a “buzz” through programmatic and social advertising.

Sofia Bustamante
 Digital Specialist

Since I was young, I have always enjoyed the privilege of creativity. When I was about 16 I started to seek out different opportunities where I could feed my passion. Since then, I have dived into photography, managed social media accounts, designed clothing merchandise, and directed photo and video shoots. Working for LocalFare has given me an even greater opportunity to use my knowledge for the benefit of Chattanooga businesses. I love that I get to help build up your business through design and social media.