In a recent survey of Millennials, 62% of respondents said they had visited a store in the past month based on information received in the mail and 75% of respondents said receiving personal mail made them feel special. Local Fare Magazine is your direct line to 70,000 households in the Chattanooga area, providing specialized content, designed to elevate your brand and capture the interest of potential customers. 


An advertorial is content specially designed to look and read like an article but is actually a paid advertisement. Advertorials may include content connected to your brand, a breakdown of special services, or tips and tricks from your specialized field. When advertorials are well done, they show off a company’s expertise, providing content customers find compelling.

Business Spotlights 

Business spotlights are designed to introduce who you are and what you do, without any direct sales pitch. Spotlights allow potential customers to get to know your small business, by building  rapport, brand awareness, and trust. Ideally business spotlights will create an emotional connection by sharing personal stories customers will find moving and memorable. 


A recent study found that nearly 79% of consumers trust the reviews they read as much as personal recommendations. Local Fare Magazine testimonials allow potential customers to hear from your satisfied customers about their experience. Providing their recommendations is a powerful tool to build trust with potential customers.

Local Interest

Local Interest content allows Local Fare Magazine to stay relevant in our community. Our In The Loop monthly calendar and Best of the Best lists give our customers a reason to save and refer back to the magazine and its advertisements more frequently. 

Interested in learning more about how print advertising can work for you?  Local Fare has been delivered into the mailboxes of 70,000+ homes per month for over a decade. Let us create compelling content, with custom photography, and graphic design unique to your business needs.