Valentine’s Day is more than a cheesy greeting card holiday. It’s a reminder that romance should be celebrated. Let these 25 ways to Grow your Love inspire you to make a real gesture for your loved one on the 14th, and all year round! 

  1. Feed your love The fastest way to the heart is through the stomach. Prepare or order their favorite meal. 
  2. Tune-in Conversations are an invitation, when you listen and participate it shows you care. Put the phone down, acknowledge your partner when they are sharing, and show interest in what they say.
  3. Love what they love Make an effort to adopt one of their favorite hobbies. You might inadvertently find your own hidden talent, or simply have fun learning. 
  4. Ignore TLC, chase waterfalls All around the Scenic City there are innumerable trails, waterfalls, nature preserves, and lakes to be explored. Get out and explore together.
  5. Use your words Notice and compliment their individual beauty, talents, intelligence, ingenuity, and style. Let them know what you like about them.  
  6. Be sneaky Leave love notes hidden for them to find. Stick them into their books, wallet, lunch box or under their pillow. 
  7. Decorate with your love Print out and frame your favorite photos together and scatter them around your home to remind you of your best times.
  8. Yes, we can! Offer a “yes day” where you enthusiastically do anything they want. 
  9. Give ‘em a break Take over all the household responsibilities and let them punch out guilt-free. 
  10. Be playful Ask them about their favorite toy, movie, game or food from childhood and surprise them with an “inner child” night. 
  11. Get in touch Did you know that holding hands can increase empathy, reduce pain, and create synchronized brain waves? Holding hands is a powerful way to stay connected.
  12. Mix it up Go old school and create a mixtape or playlist of songs that tell your unique love story.
  13. Book-it Share an experience by reading a book together. 
  14. Chill out Help them relax by creating a spa experience at home. Lower the lights, draw a bubble bath with candles and snacks. Top it off with a foot or scalp massage.  
  15. Go hunting Set up a scavenger hunt around your home with a fun surprise at the end.  
  16. Written in the stars Bundle up and go star-gazing. Do some research ahead of time on constellations and share what you learn. 
  17. Nip it in the bud Skip the grocery store flowers and create a unique bouquet with a local florist. 
  18. Take a break together Surprise them by turning your work lunch break into a day date. 
  19. Bust a move Go dancing! Don’t know how? Don’t let that stop you. Take a dance class together. 
  20. Ditch the wait No one wants to go out on a date just to sit and wait for a table. Make a reservation ahead of time.  
  21. Adventure awaits! Chattanooga is an adventurous city with zip lines, indoor rock climbing, escape rooms, ghost tours, and more. Do something memorable! 
  22. Get in the closet Plan a “you pick” dress-up night where you each wear an outfit handpicked head to toe by your partner.  
  23. Spoiler alert So often we deny ourselves simple things we want simply because we can’t justify spending the money. Get your partner that thing they’ve been talking about but haven’t purchased. 
  24. Save the date Create a monthly date night and take turns planning fun activities. 
  25. Have you tried asking? Who would better know what your partner wants to show them love than them? Pay attention and give them what they’re asking for!