A staple in the advertising industry for nearly 20 years, Local Fare has earned the trust of its community, evolved to stay relevant in an ever-changing market, and elevated the brands of over 1,000 local small businesses. Here’s how we can put our experience in direct mail to work for you. 

Experience and Dedication

Founded in 2003 as Coupon Carrier, a direct mail envelope of coupons, Joann and Juan Bustamante built their small business one client at a time. Their dedication to growth produced a roster of loyal clients, while their local expertise curated a quality mailing list of 70,000 homes designed to match those clients desired demographics. 

Flexibility to an Ever Changing Market

During the 2008 recession, the Bustamantes reevaluated their business strategy as a direct mail advertising company. They dreamed of creating a local magazine that doesn’t feel like junk mail. They rebranded and relaunched as Local Fare Magazine, a community magazine promoting local happenings with professional photography, interesting content, seasonal recipes, and advertising from local small businesses. Local Fare’s willingness to change course to meet their customer’s needs has led to the innovation of the wrap and stand-alone postcards in 2021. Local Fare continues to grow by considering the client’s needs, paying attention to the customer’s interests, and creating the highest quality product to satisfy both. 

Trust / Elevate Brands 

Local Fare Magazine receives is that our publication doesn’t feel like other “junk mail” style mailers. With quality content, professional photography, and cutting-edge graphic design, Local Fare Magazine elevates your brand messaging. 

Interested in learning more about how print advertising can work for you? Local Fare has been delivered into the mailboxes of 70,000+ homes per month for over a decade. Let us create compelling content, with custom photography, and graphic design unique to your business needs.