Acts of gratitude have a profound impact on our communities.
They foster connection, positivity, and empathy among individuals. When we show appreciation or support a cause, we value others and their efforts, creating a ripple effect of joy and encouragement. Even the smallest gestures have the power to make a difference!

  1. Express your gratitude to the dedicated healthcare professionals for their tireless efforts in keeping our community healthy. 
  2. Make a positive impact on food insecurity by donating canned food items to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, ensuring those in need have access to nutritious meals, especially during the upcoming holidays.
  3. Help beautify Coolidge Park by joining the Chattanooga Parks and Recreation Department’s community garden initiative, planting flowers and nurturing green spaces.
  4. Be a good neighbor and offer your assistance with yard work or home repairs, fostering a sense of unity and support in the community you live in. 
  5.  Donate gently used clothing and household items to the Salvation Army in Chattanooga, helping families in need within our local community.
  6. Send care packages to Chattanooga-based soldiers serving overseas through the Operation Gratitude program, showing appreciation for their service.
  7.  Shop Local this holiday season and support our small businesses. There are many  local shopping events including Dashing Down the Blvd, Holiday Hoopla and Northshore Northpole Open House. Check out Facebook Events for more information.
  8. Volunteer at the Chattanooga Community Kitchen, serving meals and providing support to individuals experiencing homelessness.
  9. Support Gift a Bike by providing a monetary donation toward the purchase of bikes for in need children and help spread joy at the holidays. 
  10. Offer your expertise as a tutor or mentor at the Chambliss Center for Children, helping young learners thrive academically.
  11. Prepare or pick up a meal to go for someone you know that is overwhelmed, grieving or struggling as an act of kindness.
  12. Volunteer at the McKamey Animal Center, caring for animals and assisting with adoption events.
  13. Support local arts organizations like Area 61 by supporting local artist or attending their exhibitions and events.
  14. Adopt A Waterway and commit to ongoing stewardship in local streams throughout the Tennessee Valley Watershed.
  15. Demonstrate community pride by organizing a neighborhood cleanup day to keep Chattanooga clean and beautiful.
  16. Save lives by donating blood at local blood drives or encouraging others in Chattanooga to do the same.
  17. Support single parents by offering to babysit, giving them a much-needed break.
  18. Help support women and children experiencing homelessness by donating clothing and essentials needed to help move toward a more sustainable future.
  19. Spread positivity by leaving uplifting sticky notes in public spaces for strangers to find and enjoy.
  20. Bring comfort to patients by volunteering at the Ronald MacDonald House, caring for and serving individuals and families that have loved ones in the hospital.
  21. Assist elderly neighbors by offering to drive them to appointments or running errands on their behalf.
  22. Make a difference by organizing a fundraising event such as a bake sale or garage sale to support a local charitable organization of your choice in Chattanooga.
  23. Practice gratitude and kindness by expressing your appreciation with a simple “thank you” to those you encounter throughout the day, reminding them that their efforts are valued.
  24. Invest in the future of at risk kids. Become a mentor through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  25. Support musicians and local music venues by attending concerts held locally.