More than 80% of customers looking for information about your business will start with Google. Whether you want to interact with customers directly, promote special services and sales, or simply rise to the top of the Google Search List, using the free Google My Business tool is a great place to start. Here are some tips from our SEO expert Libby Adams

Take ownership of your online identity

Use Google Maps to locate your company, and click on the “own this business” link. As Libby explains, “One of the [biggest mistakes companies make] is leaving information blank.” Include your address, website, contact information, customer reviews, commonly asked questions, and connection to your social media accounts. Every piece of information you provide will improve your overall google rating and help you rise to the top of the ranks. 

Regularly update your Google My Business Profile

Remember, content is king in google rankings. “Going [jnto your account] once a week and putting up new posts or new pictures and getting at least one review a week [will improve your] overall rank.” The more information the better. Let social media pull double duty, by including posts from facebook and instagram, updating frequently. Put your most professional foot forward by using high quality photographs. “Photos of the products you offer, [should be] updated on a regular basis. For service based businesses, anytime you do work for a client showcase that work [in a photo gallery].”

Increase credibility with reviews 

Positive reviews and good communication will make your company stand out when stacked against local competitors. “The more reviews a business has, the better. They are seen as more trustworthy. You don’t want to go to a plumber who has 10 terrible reviews, because you’re probably not going to get your problem solved.” Google reviews are crucial to a small business, and require a lot more information than we can cram into this small paragraph. The next newsletter will be a deep dive on reputation management, and best practices for getting regular reviews. 

How can we help? 

Let our SEO expert Libby Adams do the heavy lifting. Libby uses her expertise in building online profiles to create a strategy as unique as your small business. “Filling out the Google My Business [account] is fairly simple for most clients to be able to do. But continuing to add information can be somewhat time consuming to a business owner. [We provide] what’s called citation building. Where you put your business information on other websites that google crawls. When google sees your business listed on other websites…it increases [your visibility].” By increasing your visibility Google will see you as an expert in your field, and push you to the top of the listings.

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