Google Ads

Understanding how to strategically target audiences online is essential when developing a successful advertisement. Local Fare executes thoughtful research on backend website data to identify key behaviors of potential and existing customers. This research equips us with the knowledge to craft custom advertisements and eye-catching lead lines that move companies into the best possible position within any search engine. As trends, markets and consumer behaviors constantly evolve, Local Fare continues to communicate new information from search engines and backend data to keep advertisements updated and help local businesses remain relevant in the eyes of target audiences.

Set Up Period

Targeting identification and refinement

Target demographics identified

Custom audiences created

Lead capture funnel created

Organization of content

Design and create ad creatives and copy

Conversion tracking and website custom audience placement

Technical integrations (email list, lead notifications)

Consulting on existing client ad campaigns

Analysis of existing client advertising campaigns to identify areas of opportunity and strategies to capitalize on these improvements


Active Campaign Management

Daily campaign management and budget adjustments

Campaign scaling

Lookalike audiences, custom audiences

Campaign retargeting setup and management

Ad split testing

Landing page / funnel split testing

Advanced tracking of campaign performance metrics and KPIs

Monthly reporting of ad performance