When it comes to creating a marketing plan, Local Fare takes a three pronged approach combining traditional media, social media, and digital media. But how do you determine how much of your digital marketing budget to spend on Programmatic Digital Display Ads? Well that depends on how much of an impact you want to make on the market. 

Create a Digital Presence

Get your brand out there with an entry level rate of 50,000 impressions per month. For those new to the world of Programmatic Display, starting small is a great way to familiarize yourself with key tactics including Geofencing and Website Retargeting.

To create a digital presence we recommend: 

  • 30,000 impressions for Geofencing
  • 18,500 impressions for Keyword Retargeting
  • 1,500 impressions for Website Retargeting

Get Competitive 

How much of the market share do you have? Get the competitive edge by putting your ads in more places and in front of more faces. A budget of 100,000-150,00 impressions per month opens up new tactics, including Event Targeting and Audience Curation. Audience curation allows you to create just the right audience based on interest, demographics and purchasing behaviors, showing ads 3 times a day across multiple devices.

To get competitive we recommend: 

  • 30,000 impressions for Geofencing
  • 30,000 impressions for Keyword Retargeting
  • 30,000 impressions for Audience Curation
  • 5,000 impressions for Website Retargeting
  • 5,000 impressions for Event Targeting 

Dominate the Field

Leave the competition behind! Saturate the market with 150,00-300,000 impressions per month. This tactic allows you to Geofence multiple large events each month, as well locations with more foot traffic without eating up all your impressions. Expand Audience Curation to show ads up to 3 times a day per household. Consider this, the national clickthrough rate is .08%-0.12%, our clients typically range from 0.15%-0.28%. Based on 200,000 impressions you can expect to have 300-560 new sales opportunities per month. What could you do with that many new sales opportunities a month? 

Is it time to Increase your Digital Budget?

In digital marketing repetition is key. Consider one of the oldest sales principles: “the rule of 7.” A consumer will need to see an advertisement a minimum of 7 times in an 18-month period before it will  pierce a buyer’s consciousness and make an impact. Limiting your impressions will only bring limited results. 

Let Local Fare help you make an impression with Programmatic Display today!