Local Fare Marketing Group recently celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Local Fare Magazine. To commemorate their 20-year journey, Joann and Juan Bustamante, President and VP of Sales/Creative Director of Local Fare Marketing Group, hosted a celebration at Frazier Five and Dime, a venue symbolizing their commitment to investing in good quality small businesses. Surrounded by good food, a beautiful atmosphere and clients which have become more like friends, the evening was a tribute to both hard work and gratitude. The event also served as an opportunity to honor their loyal clients, with 16 of them being recognized for their unwavering support for over 15 years. Each honored client received a hand-blown sculpture crafted by renowned local artist Chris Mosey of Ignis Glass Studio.

Embarking on this incredible journey two decades ago, Local Fare Magazine has defied the odds in the challenging world of small businesses, including weathering three recessions and a global pandemic. However, Local Fare’s ability to adapt and evolve has been key in overcoming these hurdles. Juan and Joann, credit sheer grit, will, and determination for their success as well as building deep roots in an ever changing economy.  They recognize the growing changes in digital technology and embrace the shift while still staying true to their roots in traditional print media.

While digital marketing has experienced tremendous growth, there has been some digital fatigue of late and traditional print media is back on the rise. “People still want to feel that paper in their hands, a welcomed break from staring at screens all day” states Juan. Joann and Juan recognize this trend as well as continue to embrace the evolving digital landscape.

The journey of starting Local Fare Magazine 20 years ago is a testament to the power of determination, adaptability, and uncompromising values. Through the ups and downs, Juan and Joann have remained committed to providing quality customer service while also adapting in an ever changing industry.  Their celebration not only marked a milestone for Local Fare Magazine but also highlighted the importance of fostering strong relationships with clients. Juan adds “ Investing in people who represent our character and provide the type of service our clients expect is just as important as having clients that provide quality products and stand behind their services.”  Over the course of twenty years in business, Juan and Joann have come to understand their connection with clients extends beyond business transactions, instead these relationships are built on mutual respect and trusted friendship and a strong desire to help each client reach their highest potential of success! As you look toward strategic budget planning for 2024, our team of marketing experts would love the opportunity to utilize our proven experience in the marketplace and help you build a strong marketing strategy to include a balance of both traditional print, social media and digital marketing efforts which make sense for your business. Contact us today to set up a consultation!