Social Media Advertising

Social media has become an integral part of modern culture and essential for businesses to reach and inform audiences. Local Fare works with clients to develop tailored approaches with customized targeted advertisements through all social media channels. We consider demographics, timing and relevancy to ensure each advertisement is carefully placed among channels. Crafting unique, simplistic messages with thoughtful, strategic calls-to-action, we help small businesses boost brand awareness and ultimately increase sales through skilled social media advertising.

Why social media advertising?
• Nearly 20% of all time spent online is used on Facebook and Instagram.

• Only 2.6% of a business’s existing Facebook fan bases see its page posts.

• Social ads have a positive impact on mobile search traffic.

• Social ads offer powerful targeting capabilities that deliver cost-effective results.

• Social ads offer effective options at all stages of the decision-making funnel on a purchase.


Reach Campaign
Promote your business locally and reach as many people with an interest in your services as possible

Traffic Campaign
Call-to-action button helps people interact with the ad and takes them directly to your website or to call your business

Leads Campaign
Reach people with a special offer, request a booking, or schedule an appointment

Retargeting Campaign
Retargeting people on social media once they visited your website

We target ads to people based on location, demographics and interests

Branding, competitive and dominant campaign packages offered