“If we look back to when Local Fare launched in 2010, there was very much this view that there wouldn’t be magazines anymore and we’d be in a world where everyone wore Google Glasses. Yet, here we are 14 years later and as a publisher, we’re considering adding more homes to our mailing based on ROI for our clients.” Juan Bustamante, VP of Local Fare Marketing Group


As digital advertising costs are on the rise and the digital market is on the brink of over saturation, there has been a resurgence in print advertising. Unlike digital advertising, where multiple interactions are required to convert a customer, which leads to increased advertising costs, print advertising offers a potentially more cost-effective approach.

As stated by Polly Wong, president of Belardi Wong

 “If you look at CPMs and CPCs, they’re up double digits. With the increase in the cost of digital marketing, somehow we landed where you can send four direct mail pieces to a targeted audience for the cost of one click.”

Retailers are reverting back to the more traditional form of advertising through direct mail. 

“Print offers a break in terms of people’s media habits. When everyone has screen fatigue, we realize that value.” notes Juan Bustamante

With direct mail, there is less competition in mailboxes and offers a more direct route to customers.  Because our world is so commoditised by screens, direct mail allows your product to stand out.  Printed mail pieces such as Local Fare Magazine, provides opportunity for companies to create their brand awareness in a high-quality marketing product with plenty of real estate for shaping consumers’ perceptions of their products. 

“There are so many players involved in getting a magazine into somebody’s hands. At Local Fare, we are fully committed to paper. And it’s because we see the demand.” Juan Bustamante

From the quality of paper and printer to the carefully curated contents, these higher end direct mail pieces are not viewed as junk mail, rather coffee table products which offer advertising staying power. 


Don’t get me wrong, digital has its place in the Consumer Journey, however, we’ve found that direct mail advertising is the only tactic that excels in every category of the Consumer Journey – Awareness, Research / Consideration and Conversion.

Several studies have found, consumers find physical print advertisements more credible than their digital counterparts. To put it very simply, providing a strong awareness of a product in an unsaturated platform such as a high quality direct mail piece, like Local Fare Magazine, directly leads to consumer research through online platforms, consideration of product follows and ultimately, achieves the main goal, conversion of sale! 

Are you interested in learning more about direct mail advertising? We would love to plan a time to talk with you about what our direct mail advertising options can do to help support the success of your business! Let’s talk! 

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