Did you know that 55% of potential customers will only spend 15 seconds on your website. How do you make the most of a first impression? Our copywriter Lexi Engesath will walk you through the 5 W’s of creating engaging content to translate those 15 seconds into a customer. 

Who are you?

“Create a narrative for your company. Who are you? What problems of mine are you going to solve?” Keep that message short and direct. Imagine explaining your organization to a good friend. Strike a balance between using the language of your industry and making content clear to any layperson who lands on your website. “Use a genial tone, share the most important details of your organization, establish your expertise and include a hook.”  

What is the hook? 

A hook is a call to action, it answers the question of what  you want a potential customer to do next. “When posting content, engagement should be the priority. How is this going to draw people in? What are we asking them to do? Does this start a conversation?” Ask customers to subscribe, give a review, take a poll, answer a question. Another way to engage is to offer your expertise and advice tips that are unique to your business. Look at content as creating a conversation with customers, rather than shouting over the competition. 

When to post? 

While there is no perfect number for any company, regularly posting is important. “Creating social media posts once or twice a week, responding to reviews, promoting sales, highlighting products, and non-salesy posts for holidays or community happenings will show customers you are active, invested, and interesting.” As always, content is king. The more you post, the more content Google can comb, the higher you’ll move up in Google rankings. 

Where is your content? 

The simple answer is, everywhere. Three places you don’t want to neglect are your website, your social media accounts, and anywhere reviews exist.” We already discussed the importance of responding to Google my Business Reviews but this is by no means the only site where customers are leaving reviews. Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Better Business Bureau, and so many more. Respond to reviews, thank customers for their engagement, and be sure the tone of these responses are professional and kind. “Keep in mind keywords are pertinent for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Posts should include relevant content, popular keywords, and links to prove credibility to Google.” 

Why bother? 

It can seem like an overwhelming task, but online engagement and SEO are how customers find you. “Google is combing everything you post to figure out who you are to guide potential customers to you. If you want to rise to the top of the ranks, content shows credibility to Google. It’s a delicate balance to add keywords to satisfy Google, without alienating your reader with boring content.” 

How can we help? 

Does this all seem overwhelming? Let our team walk you through how to hone your voice, create engaging content, revamp your website, amp up your content for SEO, and help you make those 15 seconds count!