The Facebook advertising landscape has completely changed — and those changes are a big deal for small business owners. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal where more than 87 million Facebook users' data was breached, there has been a bigger rise in measures to protect social media consumers and their information. This sounds like a good thing, right? Well, not if you use boosted posts on Facebook to market your business! In 2020, Apple announced updated privacy settings inside iOS14.5 which requires Facebook and all other apps to ask for the user’s permission to track and utilize their data for paid advertising. You likely saw a prompt the first time you logged into Facebook after updating your phone. Did you click ‘Don’t Allow’? So did many of the people you’re trying find and market your business to through Facebook. Because of this new security measure, platforms and apps like Facebook are losing the ability to use behavioral data captured from a wide array of Facebook pixels on websites without the user’s permission. And they’re freaking out. Your standard DIY boosted Facebook post like you might have done in the past (or might still be doing now!) isn’t going to be able to reach your ideal customer like it used to, and they know that. If you’ve noticed your click-through rate declining on your Facebook ads, this is exactly why.

So does that mean Facebook advertising is over? NO!

If you’re relying on boosted posts to reach your clients, you’re wasting your money. BUT Facebook ads made in Business Suite are still a great way to get the word out about your business — if you’re applying the right data to them. Now Facebook doesn’t have access to the customer data you need and you don’t have access to the customer data you need, but we do!

3 Reasons To Partner With Us For Your Paid Social Strategy

  1. Our experienced team keeps up with the continuous changes happening with digital and social media.
  2. We offer targeting capabilities local businesses don’t have access to on their own such as: - Our own audience of engaged readers - Historical geo-fencing at the device ID level, not reliant on Facebook’s targeting - Access to double-opt in, verified email addresses for use in your paid social media campaigns
  3. Reporting that is accessible, easy to consume and more actionable than what’s provided within Facebook.
As your personal marketing team, we can manage your social budget and help you reach customers with more targeting capabilities than Facebook offers. We use data collected from 10s of 1000s of apps, not just Facebook. Because of that, we have the ability to take that information — specifically location-based information from our geo-fencing tactic — and apply that to a Facebook ad campaign for you. Don’t waste your advertising budget on ads that aren’t reaching your ideal customers. Let us help you! Contact us today to talk about your new paid social strategy.