St. Nicolas School Summer Camp

  • Reading Fancifully with Nancy as Summer Camp enrichment class

  • Campers will harvest food from the garden and set up a Farm Stand on Wednesday afternoons where parents can buy the produce.

  • Jui Jitsu Summer Camp enrichment class

  • A fantastic Campus Carnival with water slide, fun activities, and a great cookout

  • Join St. Nicholas for the best summer camp experience ever!

St. Nicolas School Summer Camp

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  • Fri 7am to 6pm
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About St. Nicolas School Summer Camp

St. Nicholas School Summer Camp

St. Nicholas School offers a combination of spectacular summer day camp with a multitude of add-on enrichment classes taught by local professional instructors. Enrichment classes may be added to the regular camp day for an additional fee or taken separately.


The mission and purpose of St. Nicholas summer camp is to provide a fun learning experience for children, developing physical, cultural, social, and intellectual abilities.

Application Criteria

Acceptance of applicants will be considered according to the following criteria:
1. Those attending 5 days per week.
2. Those requesting the greatest number of weeks during the summer.
3. Currently enrolled St. Nicholas School students and returning campers have the first opportunity to register. All other applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. St. Nicholas School does not discriminate on the basis of handicap, age, race, religion, gender, or national orgin.


A child must have reached his/her fourth birthday by June 3rd and must be bathroom trained. Incoming St. Nicholas students are eligible once they turn four. Every child is expected to conform to the camp rules and regulations and show a spirit of cooperation with the camp personnel. When you enroll in this program you are reserving the time, space, staff, and provisions for your child whether or not he/she attends. Therefore, St. Nicholas cannot deduct days missed from your fee.

Program Description

The St. Nicholas Summer Camp Program is comprehensive school-age program licensed with the Tennessee Department of Education. St. Nicholas maintains all standards for the safety and well-being of the children enrolled.

Our program challenges the imagination, stimulates creativity, encourages self-directed initiative, and develops leadership skills in children. Fun opportunities for learning by discovery through active child-centered experiences are an important part of the program.

St. Nicholas staff members help children set limits, develop self-control, and foster friendships that promote trust, sharing, and openness.

Small Group Examples:
Individual Sports
Learning Games

Large Group Examples:
Capture the Flag
Environmental Activities

St. Nicholas offers an exciting multi-day art and music component to our weekly schedule. On the days that groups are not scheduled for a field trip or swimming, children attend an art class and music class. Add-on enrichment classes are offered each week. Campers also have the opportunity to participate in our new gardening program.

ART classes provide campers with a variety of fun materials including paint, pencil, watercolor, and craft supplies. Art instructor Cassie Wilkins Turnure is an accomplished visual artist. Cassie has studied life drawing, painting, sculpting, and art history, as well as created original works. Cassie has experience with a variety of media ranging from pencil to clay. Over the course of the summer, groups will be encouraged to explore their own creativity and create many masterpieces using a variety of fun materials.

The MUSIC component provides opportunities for campers to be creative while working with others through the art of improvisation. They have the chance to become comfortable sharing their singing and other musical talents in a creative and spontaneous environment. Campers also have the opportunity to experiment with various musical instruments provided by St. Nicholas School. Music is taught by Zane Turnure, who has been a part of the music and art culture of Chattanooga for over 20 years. Zane has experience teaching guitar, bass and percussion at St. Nicholas. He is also a talented composer, recording artist and performer.

All campers have the opportunity for SWIMMING in the campus outdoor pool. Swimming lessons are also offered during camp. A lifeguard is always on duty when campers are in the pool.

New this year is St. Nicholas GARDENING Program. Growing a garden can be easy and lots of fun. Your child learns the basics of growing summer veggies, herbs and flowers in the St. Nicholas School Garden. Garden activities include caring for the greenhouse plants, making flower necklaces, watering and weeding, saving flower seeds and tasting garden goodies like fresh tomato salsa. Camp kids harvest food from the St. Nicholas school garden and set up a Farm Stand on Wednesday afternoons where parents can buy the produce. Proceeds will support our community outreach efforts.

Add-On or Separate Classes

A variety of enrichment classes can be added to the day camp or open to children who are not participating in full day camp.


Spanish Games

Safari Math

Chipshots Golf

Pre-Piano Camp

Reading Fancifully with Nancy

Desserts Around the World

Kidzart: Cirque De Art


Puppetry Arts

Cross Country

Cheer and Dance Camp

Nature Mornings

Piano Camp

Duct Tape Mania

Computer Exporers


Animals in Art

Fun on a Stick