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Plum Nelly Shop and Gallery

330 Frazier Avenue, Suite B, Chattanooga, TN, 37405 423.266.0585 Plum Nelly Shop and Gallery on Facebook iPlum Nelly Shop and Gallery Website

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Here's the Deal

Plum Nelly features the work of talented artists with an eclectic collection of pottery, glassware, art, home and bath products, jewelry, paper goods and unique gift items.

About Plum Nelly Shop and Gallery

Locally owned since 1972, Plum Nelly has become the place to shop for unique gifts. Plum Nelly specializes in handcrafted items made by local and regional artists with a wide selection of jewelry, pottery, glass, artwork and more.

Plum Nelly acquires a variety of one of a kind, artisan crafted works, as well as stylish, high quality production pieces, to provide you with a broad range of choices within many price points. You can find $10 handmade ear rings sitting on a shelf supporting magnificent wall art priced over $2,000. Our intent is to provide you with unique gift choices for every occasion.
Browsing the shop is a relaxing yet stimulating experience. You are surrounded by uncommon expressions of beauty and form. Everywhere you look is something unique, yet functional. You can embark, undisturbed, on your own wonderful scavenger hunt, or we can help you find that perfect selection. The Plum Nelly staff has extensive artist and product knowledge and we can acquaint you with the background information to add even more meaning to your thoughtful gesture.


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