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  • Experts in Organizing Your Space

  • Have a Chattanooga Closet Company designer visit your home to investigate the closet space and to cultivate your imagination.

  • The result will be a design that fits your personality and habits to a T!

Chattanooga Closet Company

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Here's the Deal

We start our process with a free in home design consultation. Our designers first ask the question “ What are your hope and dreams for your space?”

About Chattanooga Closet Company

Don't stress out, but we need to talk. It's about the closets. They need your attention. And soon.

The fact is, our closets are rarely as organized as we'd hope. But a big reason for that is that we don't actually have enough space for everything we own or store. Chattanooga Closet builds custom shelving and closets to help you give every item its own spot. With consultation, design and installation services available at the ready, it's your one-way road to a more organized, harmonious home.

Before you jump in, think about the problem areas of your current closet. What's working? What could be better? What have you always wanted out of your space? From there, it's easy to work with a consultant at Chattanooga Closet to design the closet of your dreams.

In addition to custom closets, Chattanooga Closet offers solutions for your garage, pantry, laundry room and more—making it easier for you to get organized across the board.


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