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  • Refresh the look of your kitchen cabinets by painting or glazing the wood surface.

  • Restore the original natural warmth and beauty of all your wood surfaces with our environmentally friendly renewal system!

  • Select your new cabinet color to update the look of your cabinets at a fraction of the time, cost and mess.

  • Let Chattanooga Cabinets and Floors reverse the wear and tear on your floors in just 3 days!

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Chattanooga Cabinets & Floors

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Here's the Deal

Our master craftsmen and state-of-the-art finishing equipment can transform your old kitchen into your dream kitchen.

About Chattanooga Cabinets & Floors

Most of us aren't blessed with great kitchen cabinets the moment we move into a new home.  What's more, the cost and mess of replacing cabinets usually makes this update one of the very last itmes to get tackled on a home improvement to-do list.  But advanced refacing and refinishing techniques can take the headache and the time out of renovating your kitchen.  The team at Chattanooga Cabinets and Floors are on-hand to help you navigate a refacing or refinishing project of your own. 

Cabinet refacing is a simple process that takes less than a week to install.  By replacing all the visible elements of your kitchen cabinets, a refacing job can bring new life into your kitchen.  By choosing new doors and drawers, you can introduce design details like moulding and cutouts to update your space.  You can also consider new materials, like glass in place of wood; or new fixtures that warm up or cool down this central space. 

Cabinet refinishing uses more of what your house already has to offer.  Using the existing door and drawer fronts, the Chattanooga Cabinets and Floors team can bring new colors and paint finishes to your space.  New stains can bring new life to wood cabinets, and a dramatic shift in color can make your kitchen feel like an entirely new space. 

Whether you're interested in refinishing or refacing, the team at Chattanooga Cabinets and Floors are ready to consult with you.  Projects typically take less than a week-at a fraction of the cost, mess and time that a traditional renovation takes.  Make your vision for your kitchen a reality today-it's so much simpler than you could imagine.