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  • Seven ways that Rolfing can benefit you: Mobility Breathing Posture Balance + Stability Reduced Pain Proprioception Well-Being

Chattanooga Rolfing

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About Chattanooga Rolfing

Rolfing Structural Integration is a powerful hands-on modality for addressing chronic pain conditions, recovery from surgical and traumatic injury, and for boosting athletic performance.
Dr. Eric Maklan, a certified Rolfer, has a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology. He knows that our bodies are the most complicated structures in the know universe. That’s a fact. Sometimes they feel more complicated than necessary.
Bodywork is about helping your body - the muscles, bones, joints, etc., to function at their best. Hands-on work can be broad or focused. Bodywork is different than massage, chiropractic care or physical therapy. It focuses on fascia and the nervous system to achieve lasting results.