Liam’s LearningRx Journey

On Mother’s Day last year, I was sitting with all the other moms, eagerly watching our children prepare for their special presentation. My son, Liam, was the first to welcome all the moms to the classroom. Each kid after, paper in hand, read off a sweet little poem. When the presentation was over, my son said, “Sorry I didn’t have anything to read for you mom. I didn’t know how to, so I said the welcome.”

I knew that we had been falling behind, academically. I knew that I noticed his short attention span, inability to follow directions and trouble hearing and understanding. But what I didn’t know, is that my son noticed it too. His recognition of the difference in his reading level vs. his peers broke my heart.

Having been diagnosed with auditory processing deficits and ADHD, we knew that he was in for a rough ride that would require all the resources we could provide him. We changed his diet and sleeping habits, increased his exercise and exhausted every ounce of patience we had. Our doctor mentioned medication to us, however, I decided to try every cognitive approach I could get my hands on, before resorting to this. Thankfully, I discovered LearningRx.

My son showed courage and grit like I’ve never seen. His biggest obstacle was the “Presidents Club” where you recite all the presidents in a minute. One day, he came out of his session with a gleam in his eye and a smile you couldn’t shake. He proudly whipped out his golden ticket – he had joined The Presidents Club!

Not only did he leave the program reading at his grade level, processing things more quickly, making eye contact and with more confidence then I’d ever seen- but he learned a lesson that will span his lifetime. We are so happy we chose to send Liam to LearningRx, and will be forever grateful to the staff who fostered the love learning into his life.

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