Creating light in times of darkness at iGNiS Glass Studio

All of us will grieve the loss of a loved one and face many decisions that come with his or her passing, including how and where to display their ashes. “Everyone loses loved ones”, explains Chris Mosey, owner of Ignis Glass Studio. “I’ve lost my parents. I know what it would feel like to have them in my life again. That got me started on the idea of iGNiS Reflections.”

Mosey demonstrates the glass blowing process.

Chris Mosey recently launched iGNiS Reflections, a collection of meaningful designs that incorporates a small amount of ashes from a loved one. He understands that a traditional urn may feel impersonal and like it doesn’t adequately memorialize your family member, friend or pet. A small amount of ashes is infused with the glass and shaped into a design chosen by the customer. The end result is a beautiful tribute that allows customers to hold their loved one’s spirit in their heart and hands.

Remembrance Glass infused with cremation ashes shaped into a heart.

It’s an emotional experience for the customer and Mosey.  “If I can bring that kind of joy into their lives and dark times, that is amazing,” he says.

To watch a video of the process and see the gallery of designs available, visit their website or call (423) 265-2565.

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