Local Fare offers new menu of digital services to local businesses in Chattanooga

Local Fare Magazine is passionate about helping locally-owned businesses thrive in Chattanooga. For the last fifteen years, we have dedicated ourselves to “all things local” and cultivated relationships with the entrepreneurs who make Chattanooga a unique place to live, work and play.

The truth is, advertising and marketing have evolved immensely since we started our direct-mail publication! We understand how difficult it can be for businesses to reach new customers, especially in an ever-changing digital world. How do you keep up? How do you stay relevant in a world run by Facebook and Instagram?

Local Fare believes the answer lies in a two-part marketing plan: direct mail and paid digital marketing.

We are proud to share our expanded menu of services that offer a wide array of digital services. The best part? Our entire team is right here in Chattanooga, guaranteeing face-to-face conversations and complete transparency with your marketing partners.

  1. Rebuilding Your Website
    A functional website with accurate information is key! We’ll help you reach your customers with a new and improved website designed by knowledgeable industry leaders here in our office. We will meet with you each month to discuss the performance of your optimized website and always look for new ways to improve. You will have the tools to make changes to your own website! We complete the package with professional photography, copywriting and graphic design. Are you curious how your website is performing? E-mail us at digital@localfare.com for a free analysis of your website!
  2. Search Marketing 
    Chances are, you’ve heard of Google AdWords. In 2018, organic (free) traffic to your website and information is difficult to acquire. It is vital to dedicate a budget toward advertising spending. Our team will help you make sense of it and implement a cost-effective plan to generate new customers. We will run advertisements using Google AdWords to increase awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your website. We will also research the most popular keywords in your industry and apply them Search Marketing, when used correctly, can increase phone calls and gain new customers.Once you’re in front of your potential customers, we help you stay there through re-marketing. Your advertisements will show up on other websites after a user has been to your site.
  3. Social Media Marketing
    Social media is everything when building and maintaining your brand’s image. As you may know, recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm pushes posts from friends and family higher in people’s feeds at the expense of posts from brands. With our help, your brand will stay relevant through paid promotions and social media advertising.Our team will identify your target audience and create specific messages to reach them. We set defined demographic parameters to drive those results. We will also manage the content, budget, and settings to keep social media advertisements fresh for optimal performance.
  4. Rebuilding Your Brand 
    Don’t be afraid to change up your logo and branding! Our skilled team of designers and copywriters will help you improve your branding used in print advertisements, on your website and social media pages and more.

Local Fare is confident that advertising in our direct-mail magazine and digital marketing will be a winning combination for you. Learn more about our services in our 2018 Media Kit. Call us today to schedule your free consultation at (423) 622-3371.


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