Chattanooga student finds confidence, success with LearningRx

Audrey dreaded going to school.

Her parents, Jennifer and Jody, recall their young daughter’s sleeplessness, tears, and complaints of tummy aches ahead of each new school day.

They soon learned Audrey wanted to avoid the confusion she often felt in the classroom. The 7-year-old wrote her letters and numbers in the correct order, but they were written backwards. For example, she often wrote ‘b’ in place of ‘d.’

“Audrey has always had a strong memory, so I thought it was only a matter of time before she mastered the correct way to write her letters and numbers,” says Jennifer. Audrey’s teachers reassured Jennifer that, in time, she would begin reading and writing on her own.

Jennifer and Jody grew more concerned when Audrey entered the first grade and was unable to comprehend her work. Her parents took their questions to her doctor.

“After discussing our concerns with her pediatrician, he suggested taking her to a psychologist for testing,” she explains.

Audrey was diagnosed with ADD and Dyslexia, a traumatic discovery for her family.

“The last thing a parent wants to see is their child struggling,” Jennifer adds.

They immediately started searching for a remedy with lasting results. A family friend suggested LearningRx. “Her daughter, who is also dyslexic, spoke highly of their brain training program. I was skeptical, but scheduled an evaluation and testing,” explains Jennifer.

At the evaluation, they were told about the ReadRx brain training program. It would not only help Audrey learn to read, but retrain her brain to focus and process sounds efficiently. It also builds attention and processing skills that are often not addressed in other reading programs.  After prayer and consideration, Jennifer and Jody enrolled their daughter into ReadRx.

Audrey’s parents say she now loves going to school.

Audrey completed her training in December of 2017. Jennifer says she could not be more pleased with her daughter’s progress. Audrey mastered her learning process while building relationships with her trainer and others at LearningRx.

“Her reading has improved so much! She is now able to sound out words. I never thought I would see my daughter carrying books around the house and reading. I never thought I would hear her say she loves school,” says Jennifer.

Now, Audrey looks forward to each new school day and opportunity to learn new subjects. Her parents say they’ll be forever grateful LearningRx helped their daughter learn and, in turn, boosted her confidence inside and outside the classroom.

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