Create memories and one-of-a-kind gifts at iGNiS Glass

One of Chattanooga’s most unique businesses is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

So many color choices!

iGNiS Glass Studio, located on Broad Street, offers the opportunity to have a hands-on glass blowing experience. The studio, which is open to the public, gives visitors the chance to blow their own heirloom glass ornament or paperweight.

Chris Mosey first opened Ignis on Rossville Avenue in 2001, specializing in holiday ornaments.  Mosey traveled to arts and crafts shows around the country to sell his creations.

Like many other businesses, in 2008, Mosey’s took a major hit. He scaled the business down to only himself and a small machine that could make the ornaments. For years, he struggled to stay afloat.

“I almost closed our doors because of the recession,” he adds.

Mosey says he took out a loan to move the shop to Broad Street in pursuit of more foot traffic and tourism.

Mosey walks us through the glass blowing process.

“Being at this location and having access to the tourist population is awesome,” he says.

Mosey’s been a fixture on Broad Street since 2012, recently moving two doors down in pursuit of a larger space. He and his staff are able to facilitate glass blowing and sell their own creations in the shop.

They’re also able to encapsulate the ashes of loved ones and pets in Remembrance Glass.  Ashes can be either permanently encapsulated in glass objects such as paperweights, hearts, and cast bowls as a way to honor loved ones.

Regardless what type of custom glass gift you’re looking for, you’ll find quality craftsmanship and customer service at iGNiS

Walk-ins are welcome when time permits, but you’re guaranteed a space by making an appointment online or by calling (423) 265-2565. 

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