New Southside business breaks the mold for dog-friendly fun

Many Chattanooga businesses consider themselves “dog-friendly,” but Play. Wash. Pint. is catering to their human and canine customers equally.

The park is fully enclosed with a wrap-around porch.

In early September, Nooga Paws owner Bob Moore and his wife opened Play. Wash. Pint., a unique dog park that allows customers to enjoy their pets and a cold beer simultaneously.

“We wanted to create a place where people could hang with their dogs and have a relaxing time that isn’t your typical dog park experience,” says Manager Josh Shupe. “We wanted it to be an interactive space for owners and humans alike. And the beer helps!”

Local Fare office dog, Chip.

The park, located on Passenger Street next to Flying Squirrel, is a fully-fenced turf play-yard with a wooden porch overlooking the area. There is a large area for group play and a separate section for smaller breeds.

It’s an idea new to Chattanooga, but more common in other areas.

“We’d seen the concept while traveling in other cities, like Austin, Texas,” says Shupe.

The space has “gym equipment” specifically for dogs, toys, and swimming pools for warmer days, in addition to washing stations. For humans, there’s an indoor/outdoor bar with more than thirty beers on tap and by the can.  Food will be available for purchase occasionally by food trucks parked nearby.

Play. Wash. Pint. has two pools for warm days.

Though it looks like all fun and games, Shupe says their priority is safety.

Customers must provide their pets’ vaccination records prior to visiting. In addition, each staff member is trained to recognize potential behavioral issues in pets to ensure safety of all their guests.  The “ruff rangers” on duty keep the area clean, water bowls filled, and a close eye on park-goers.

“If people are paying, we want it to be a safe environment monitored by us,” he adds.

Chip’s first trip to Play Wash Pint was a success!




In its first month of business, Play. Wash. Pint. has already developed a crowd of “regulars” to their Southside location.

“We’re happy to be part of that. This area is driven by local business and knowing your neighbor. It’s nice being here. It’s a big sense of community.”


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