Chattanooga Chef Puts Local Twist on Meal Delivery Service

In most homes, the only opportunity for families to reconnect is around the table. The problem? Grocery shopping and cooking often soak up precious time that could have been spent laughing, telling stories, and sharing with those you love most.

Chef Timothy Mulderink and wife, Shelley.

For those reasons, many people opt for nationwide meal delivery services, such as HelloFresh, but Chattanoogans have a similar option that still supports “shopping local.”

That’s where Timothy and Shelley Mulderink come in. They provide healthy and fresh meals, from their family to yours. They specialize in traditional American comfort food prepared with unprocessed, raw ingredients. Your ready-to-eat meals, appetizers and desserts may be picked up or delivered, saving you time and money.

Whether you’re feeding one or fifty people, you’re guaranteed a delicious, memorable meal. Click here to learn about the menu, and tell them about this post for 10% off your order!

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