Chattanooga businesses, get even more with Local Fare Magazine!

We offer a diverse menu of direct mail and digital marketing strategies to help you reach your target audience. The best part? Our services work hand-in-hand across many platforms, creating a cohesive markeitng campaign that will garner new attention and customers. 

Direct mail has the highest rate of success in a new customer acquisition compared with other marketing channels. Each month, we mail our magazine to 80,000 best-income homes in Chattanooga, divided into two zones (see Media Kit below for map). The price for an advertisement includes professional photography, copywriting and graphic design. 

Generate website traffic and new business using proven search and social media marketing techniques. We offer several digital services to help you meet your audience where they are: online.

Search Marketing: Search Marketing is focused on intent. This is where you reach your customers when they are actively looking for you and your services or products. We’ll run text ads on Google AdWords, driving traffic to the website, increasing phone calls, and gaining new customers.Every account setup will include extensive keyword research for your industry, and we’ll do all the work to make sure your campaigns are structured for effective budget control.

Social Media Marketing: Identify who will benefit from your service and create a specific message to target them. Target specific demographic parameters that have been defined for audiences. We’ll test different messaging and campaign objectives to see what drives the best results for you. We manage bids, budgets, and settings daily and keep ads fresh for optimal performance.

Remarketing: Stay in front of potential customers with remarking ads that show up on other websites after a user has been to your site.

Content Strategy & Search Engine Optimization: Create a framework for gaining more organic and referral traffic with the goal of converting that traffic into customers. Produce content that matches the topics of interest supported by keyword research and search engine trend charts in order to acquire organic traffic from users. Gain domain authority by following verified SEO strategies that will best position the company domain for organic growth and visibility.

New Website Builds: Get a brand new website that doesn’t break the bank. Keep some money set aside to start building up your website after launching the site.

We also have a mobile app and social media services (we'll set up and manage your Facebook & Instagram)! You can review our full 2018 Media Kit here.

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